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Owner, Pamela Wangenheim-Hawkins has earned her Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal with USDF. Other accomplishments are 2004 Trainer of the year for DASC and in 2005 she received the Trainer of the year with CDS for having the highest scoring junior team of 9 girls at the CDS Junior Championships. She has won multiple championships and year-end awards with DASC, CDS, USDF, and USEF. These awards include Friesian, Quarter Horse, KWPN, Oldenburg, and Heinz 57 year-end Champion and Reserve Champion and Training through Grand prix Champion and Reserve Champion and multiple other placing as. Many of her students consistently win Championships and year-end awards as well. 







 Training horses and training people is all about keeping the balance on every level. I have to know the emotional, physical, and spiritual essence of both the horses and the riders. Having had taken many veterinary and equine nutrition courses allows me to understand the horse. I am thankful I took psychology and sociology classes. This has helped me to be a better teacher for the people.

 I usually ask my students at the end of each year what their goals are for next year pertaining to their riding. If I think they are too lofty, I see if we can taper it down to reach the realistic goals of the horse they are riding or to match their skills at that time. That doesn't mean I discourage their goals. It means I will not put their equine partner at risk of injury or mental stress. Perhaps the horse is ready but but the rider is not. I will let them know what they need to do in order to reach those goals. It is then up tho the rider to complete those tasks. That could range from stretching, a certain exercise, nutrition, or a mindset that has to be developed. There are so many different scenarios for each horse and rider. I will say, much more often then not, the horse that particular rider has at the time, is in their life for a reason. It could be that they need to become physically stronger to ride that horse, or develop more stamina, eat more strengthening foods, or manage their mood to fit the horse. 

 Patience from the owner of any horse, is a necessity in my program. I will not train your horse faster than he can learn or physically handle the work without injury and stress. i will certainly challenge them by all means. There has to be some instigation to get the task done. I believe each horse just like each rider, has their formula for learning and their secret to success.

 I am accepting 2 horses in training at this time. I am looking for very specific types of horses and clients. If you are interested in my training program, feel free to message me here or on messenger on Facebook. My page is Majestic Equestrians or Pamela Wangenheim-Hawkins. Below is my flexible criteria for new horses and clients. These are the things I am interested in:

- Friesians

- 3rd Level and above with talent to move up

- Rescue Horses that you need help with

- Owner to Purchase/Sponsor an upcoming Dressage Star

If you're not sure if you or your horse fit into this criteria, message me anyway. My criteria is a little flexible.

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